We Grow Trains

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We now have a FEEDBACK addition to our website. Now, anyone with access to a computer can let us know how we are doing, tell us what they'd like to see in future displays, and just let the members know they did a nice job! Hearing from the public is the best way for us to give you what you've come to expect from us: professional hobbyists who love to show off their trains.

You can access the FEEDBACK page clicking here or by

using the navigation bar at the top of each web page.

Q.I. of the Month

In the middle of winter...

...there is nothing better than a good train show to brighten

one's spirits and help break up the cabin fever we're feeling.

Some of us will be going to York, PA next month and can't wait !!

This is just a small tease of what they are going to experience...

NOGRS in the Works

The Trustees have interesting positions, as in they get to see things that the Members do not. For instance, performing a site survey on a prospective site that has asked for our assistance. They recently had the opportunity to visit a Stow, OH business that caters (literally) to children's play activites. Through meeting with the owners, they were able to estable the base-line items that would best suit the business and then returned home to process the intel. They came up with a punch-list of items discussed and the cost involved; this is really a detail breakdown of almost every item needed to create the vision. This list was sent to the owners; although they are not quite ready to go, they are interested in revisiting this in a few months, after completing some of their current projects.





It always exciting to see growth in a club, especially one as nice as NOGRS. We have seen a makeover of both our website and newsletter, as well as ingenious items such as Dennis' soundtubes and Dale's scoreboard. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE!! At our Annual Dinner, Ralph revealed that "Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag!"

Well, not a bag, actually; Ralph has been working with Annie Valerino to create new embroidered polo shirts and hats, silk-screened t-shirts, and sew-on patches. Our new, crisp logo will be used, as well as the special talents of Annie. If you've never seen the process, it's not only technically complex, but it takes a certain amount of finesse to get materials to behave under these special conditions.

We'd like to take this time to thank both Ralph and Annie for their dedication to this project. It seems every year we find something to give us a more professional, polished look (eg., Kevin's new badges and Dennis' window stickers) and it really makes a difference. THANK YOU ALL for your hard work and constant efforts!

Give the Gift

of a Membership

Interested in becoming a member? Know somebody who's into model railroading? NOGRS Memberships are a perfect gift, especially for families! We have monthly meetings, demonstrations, workshops, setup sessions...I can't put all of the fun things we do into words!! People from all walks of life, experts and novices alike, are welcomed members of our society. More information and an application form can be found at Memberships.