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Our February Newsletter is now published ! Annual dinner details, future builds information and more - sign into the Members' side for details!

Q.I. of the Month

East Coast Largescale Train Show (ECLSTS) 2016 - A preview of what one can expect this

year. Members' reservations are still available - see the February newsletter for more details!

2016 In Review

NOGRS is very proud of our members and the exceptional work they do. We like to appreciate our members whenever they have a meeting at their home by making a small video of their train display. Our eventual goal is to have all of our members' train displays in our online archives for all to enjoy. So, here's a look back at NOGRS - 2016, in both our public and private displays.


Friends of NOGRS

You may not have noticed the bouncing logos at the bottom of our web pages. These are the "Friends of NOGRS," businesses or organizations that have contributed to us, in all of the many ways that only they could. You can visit any of our Friends' web sites just by clicking on their logo, as well as you can see them on our Links page. Without friends, Life would be much harder!