We Grow Trains in

Our Garden!

What does it take to become a NOGRS member?


You don't have to be a "train nut" to be a member of our society. We are a very active group; every year, we design, setup, maintain, and tear down at least four public displays. During our slow times, we help each other with care and maintenance on our trains and mentor those who wish to learn more about this very interesting hobby.


Members of all ages are welcome and we encourage even those who don't have a train setup to become a Member. People of all walks and interests make up our group... That is very good, because we do everything from electrical setup and testing to placing figurines on a layout to affixing small shutters on buildings. No detail is too small and the work seems to never be done !


As a Member, you also have access to the NOGRS' Knock - a key and password that will give you access to Members' ONLY side. This is where we keep our Members' Listing, the ability to have Google map a route to member's houses (handy for meetings),

Membership dues are $25/first year and $20/year afterwards

Payments are made via check and instructions are sent to you upon membership acceptance

( Unfortunately, we are unable to take spouses or children at this time, as we still have 2 husbands from FY 2015 in the cupboard)

What About Goodies?

No need to go to a Red Carpet event to be livin' large! Now, all new members will receive a "Swag Bag" containing the following NOGRS items:


* UPDATED * 2017 ceramic coffee

mug with new club logo

member price: $10.00


NOGRS Name Badges for you and your family

member price: $7.00/ea



* NEW * One of our two Window Sticker Designs

member price: $2.00/ea

designs: "NOGRS" or "We Grow Trains"

colors: red, navy blue, black, or white