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2017 - 2016


October 28th, 2017

Photos of our 2017 Corso's Garden Center display build. This year, we're in a slightly different location, but have we got a display for you, complete with an OSU football scoreboard! Stop out and see the final product in person - it's guaranteed to make you smile and bring the holiday warmth into your heart.



October 1st, 2017

Photos of our monthly meeting at Paul and Diane's home. A beautiful layout with wonder friends and a resin casting workshop - this was Modeler's Heaven!



August 20th, 2017

Photos of our monthly meeting aboard the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday and we rode from 4:45pm through the 8 o'clock hour. Len was our photographer and he was to capture some very nice shots!



July 15th, 2017

Photos of our monthly meeting at Jack's house. Since things were a little sparce on his layout, each member was asked to bring something to add a little more kick to his already awesome display. This was our Christmas in July, let me tell ya!




June 11th, 2017

Photos of our meeting at the Erie Metro Live Steamers in Sandusky, Ohio. Len Jezior was our photographer and introduces us to anaglyph 3D photos!



May 20th and 21st, 2017

NOGRS gives "A Special Wish" to a grateful young man and we even made the Cleveland evening news! Here are pictures of the build and Jack.



May 5th, 2017

NOGRS visits the Lodi Depot, one of the three recipients of this year's charitable donations from NOGRS. Photos by Megan



April 22nd, 2017

NOGRS April meeting at Karen's. It started with her Silent Train Auction, continued with our delicious meal and informative meeting. Then our members got to enjoy Karen's layout as they carried home their newfound treasures!




April 1st, 2017

NOGRS gets a visit from Michael of Michael's Woodworking, "A Special Wish" foundation and family, as well as our contact person at the Lake Metroparks!

Photos by Ralph





March 24th and 25th, 2017

NOGRS Goes To York!

Photos by Judy and Ralph




March 12th, 2017

NOGRS March Meeting and Chip Build




March 11th, 2017

NOGRS Site Surveys - A Special Wish and B & O Roundhouse




February 19th, 2017

NOGRS Annual Meeting in Akron, Ohio





December 11th, 2016

NOGRS Christmas Dinner and Meeting at Corso's in Sandusky, Ohio




November 4th, 2016

NOGRS Christmas Display setup at Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio




October 15th, 2016

NOGRS Christmas Display setup at Corso's in Sandusky, Ohio




September 17th, 2016

NOGRS Meeting at Paul and Diane's




September 1st, 2016

NOGRS Meeting at Ralph and Barb's




August 14th, 2016

NOGRS Meeting at Dale and Becky's



July 31st, 2016

NOGRS Triple Meeting: Bob and Joyce / Tim and Megan / Dennis and Judy




June 5th, 2016

NOGRS Meeting with Mark and Karen at Mulberry Creek Farm



May 7th, 2016

NOGRS Members Helping Members




March 6th, 2016

NOGRS Display at the Miller Nature Preserve in Lakewood, Ohio




February 20th, 2016

NOGRS Display wrapup at the Miller Nature Preserve in Lakewood, Ohio


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