We Grow Trains in

Our Garden!





NOGRS makes the Cleveland news again! All of our hard work over the last five to six months came together and only a couple of hours after the layout was revealed, it was in the public eye. Kudos to all of our Members!!




A very nice display by one of our members. GREAT

attention to details and who knows how many hours of work.


NOGRS' 2016 Christmas display at the American Legion in Wadsworth, Ohio. Dennis, Joyce, Judy, and Tim created a window into Christmas warmth and cheer with their beautiful train display! Available to view 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via the press of a button, our Members show their skills and talents for creating seasonal charm.


Cleveland's channel FOX 8 has a morning show segment called "Kickin' It With Kenny". This time, Kenny Crumpton was out at Crocker Park mall and did a VERY nice video of our Christmas display we setup for them. Tina and Dan are the hosts...



2016 NOGRS Christmas Display at Corso's in Sandusky, Ohio




A NOGRS Moment to reflect upon Life's lessons...



2016 - Ralph and Barb: Trains on the Lake




2016 NOGRS Meeting at Paul and Diane's.



Video from NOGRS' August Meeting at Dale and Becky's...this is billed as "the meeting you don't want to miss!" It took nearly SIX MINUTES of edited video to scratch the surface of this layout and we could have easily done more...hats off to Dale and Becky!!


Video is of a Solar Fairy Garden Railroad that Allen and Ruth put together. It was seen at the 2016 Cuyahoga County Fair last week. The display is a three foot circle of track set on a half barrel. The fairy garden is planted in the barrel. I used a solar panel that generates 12 volts and can charge a car battery. A 500 watt halogen light was used to simulate the sun. It actually creates more energy than the train uses. The power is routed to the battery through a charging circuit. They then draw off power through an LGB console control and operate the train. The train ran for 7 days without any other source of power. The display was originally created to show Amish at the Trumbull County Traction Engine Steamup how to run trains off the grid.





This is a short montage of just some of the displays that NOGRS created in a wonderful arboreum at the Miller Nature Preserve




This is the video that the Miller Nature Preserve created for local television stations to promote our display.




An excerpt from "Nothing But Trouble"...if you have this in your dining room, please contact us about becoming a member of NOGRS!