We Grow Trains in

Our Garden!

NOGRS In Planning

The last thing that one wants to think of right now is Christmas, but that is precicely what we have been doing. We will have at least three (3) displays this year: Crocker Park, Corso's Flower and Garden Center, and the Wadsworth American Legion. At Crocker Park, we will be in the same building, but this year you will be able to walk completely around the display and see even more holiday cheer and merriment! You can see our schedule on our public calendar by clicking here.

NOGRS In the News

After our dedication of Jack's garden railway, local Cleveland News Channel 5 came out to interview Michelle and Jack. Even Ralph got in on the action and spoke the words that we all were thinking. You can click here to see the article on News Channel 5's website.

Goodbye, Summer...



Hello, Fall!